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The Paus Mobile Rock Breaker Machine crushes large blocks of rock without the use of explosives. ?

All Paus Rockbreaker Mining Equipment is?fitted with a dozer blade to clear debris during operation.

  • Hammer can be used with different weight categories.
  • Extensive vertical and horizontal pivot range.
  • Equipped with a height-adjustable driver's platform for enhanced visibility.
  • 90° vertical hammer pivot range.
  • Hydrodynamic four-wheel drive.
  • Articulated chassis with stable frame construction.
  • Posi-stop brake.



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Visit the Mobile Rock Breaker?Publications page for sales brochures. ?


Visit the Rockbreaker model page below for additional images and specifications.

Image Model Hammer Size Vertical Reach (w/ hammer)
PGB 1700
PGB 1700 GH9 - 3,000 ft lbs 9' 8"