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Custom Material Handlers


Custom Material Handlers

NPK Material Handlers are a safe, non-hazardous, zero emission option to replace your excavator, backhoe or other emission producing carrier currently being used inside a facility.??

NPK's custom material handling systems are purposefully designed and built indoor use and are completely customizable?to suit all customers' needs.?

Some applications include:
  • industrial?waste sorting
  • industrial waste recycling
  • environmental waste sorting
  • environmental?waste recycling
  • C&D (construction and demolition)?waste sorting
  • C&D waste?recycling
  • animal bi-product handling and sorting?(rendering plants)
  • carpet handling
  • copper bundle handling
  • and much, much more!
Any need a customer has for an indoor excavator or backhoe doing minimal tramming, NPK Material Handlers are an easy, safe and ideal replacement.


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